NewDad: The idea. Why?

Well, why not? Alright, so there are plenty of reasons why not, like lack of available time, laziness and never having previously had the inclination, but I’m going to press on regardless.

My wife is expecting our baby soon, and, having prepared as much as we can in most ways, I wanted to see what differing experiences people had. I’ve had plenty of stories from my parents and people at work, but they tend to be of specific memories, not really about the ways your day-to-day life will change. So I’ve been browsing the internet, looking for accounts people can give of being a new father. I didn’t really find much of interest.

Then, when I was over at my friend Chris’ house yesterday, discussing our respective impending fatherhood (Chris is also soon to be a dad), he mentioned his excellent blog, ChrisVsCinema. It wasn’t until I got home that I thought I could maybe have a go at writing one too; I could keep a record of what happens when you do become a dad. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but have never done anything like this before, so you might have to bear with me while I get into the rhythm of writing a diary. I hope to update this every other day or thereabouts, depending on how exciting or mundane things become.

I hope it eventually ends up being of some use to someone, even if it’s just me…